Tree and Pot Gunnel | 100pce packs

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Perfect for riparian projects or establishing orchards. 100 piece packs

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Tree Gunnels

Tree Gunnels can offer weed control for all size trees. The smaller 380mm Round Gunnels or the 500mm Square Tree Gunnels are ideal for  tube stock plantings, while the larger 900mm or 1.4m Square Tree Gunnels offer weed protection for larger established trees

Tree Gunnels create very harmonious growing conditions under the mat, as the water and air can pass through the mat, it helps to retain moisture and therefore promotes microbial activity, which helps to achieve advanced growth rate and success rates in the first couple of years of planting

Tree Gunnel are ideal for revegetation projects in remote area, as once they are laid you do not need to go back to remove or spray weeds or to remove the mats, as they are degradable. They are designed to breakdown after a few years, as by then the tree are able to compete with weeds

Tree Gunnels are available in either round or square mats of various sizes to suit your planting

Pot Gunnels

Weed Gunnel also offers a range of pre-cut Pot Top Gunnels, in sizes to fit all standard size pots. Weed Gunnel can also cut to any other pot size you require

Pot Gunnels not only stop weeds in your pots, but also stops soil being lost from splash back when watering. Water and air will still pass through to the soil

Pot Gunnels can be easily removed and reused

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square 1400mm x 1400mm » $3.25 $3.00
900mm x 900 mm» $1.50 $1.40
500mm x 500mm » $0.52 $0.48
circle Medium Tree Gunnel
900mm diameter » $1.70
circle Small Tree Gunnel
580mm diameter » $1.45
circle Pot Gunnel
380mm diameter » $0.50
Suitable for standard 14″ pots

200mm diameter $0.25
150mm diameter $0.18

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