Tendita RZ | Primed Baby Crunchy Cos Seed

$5.67$225.17 AUD excl gst

Tendita RZ is a newcomer to the lettuce market that offers uniform and upright baby crunchy cos leaves suitable for production in spring, summer and autumn in cooler areas, and autumn to spring in warmers areas. Machine harvesting is possible at high populations. Tendita RZ has huge potential for the convenience sector, not only for processing as a whole head or whole leaf, but the small leaves with sweet flavour, crisp texture and good shelf life are the ideal size for snacking lettuce, tapas style finger food and pre-packed salad bags.

Key features

  • Baby crunchy or snack lettuce
  • Excellent for twin or triple packs and for processing as a whole baby sized leaf
  • Best suited for spring to autumn harvest
  • Pelleted and primed seed
  • Resistances: High: Bl:16-20,22-25,29,30,33-36EU/Fol:1/Nr:0
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