SM 4.29 | 110/120 Day Bianca di Chioggia Chicory Seed

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Traditional product, green version of the famous “Red of Chioggia” characterised by rusticity and thick leaf

Bianca di Chioggia 110/120 Day is a delicious alternative to Sugar Loaf, characterized by excellent bolting tolerance. Total absence of red dots

SM 4.29’s green round loose heads fade to a blanched golden heart and are among the least bitter members of the Chioggia, Lusia family. Like Chioggia types it has a diffuse ribbing system to the leaves rather than a thick central midrib making for a tender leaf


Selection Cycles (days to maturity slots). For most vegetables growers stagger planting dates to provides a continuous harvest. With radicchio, a different strategy is employed. For most, heading radicchio is best suited to seeding around the summer solstice, Dec 21st to Jan 3rd, transplanting 3-4 weeks later. To achieve extended harvest periods, rather than staggering planting dates, radicchio uses days-to-maturity options within a type. These are often referred to as “slots” with many types having early, mid, and late slotted varieties

Contact us for larger production quantities. Ref #SM 4.29: 110/120 day, Bianca di Chioggia

Key features

  • Days to Maturity from transplant (slot): 110/120 days (mid late)
  • Delicious alternative to Sugar Loaf with a much better taste
  • Excellent bolting tolerance
  • Widely adaptable, will grow in all temperate areas
  • Suits fresh market, processing
  • Very good storage

Links for all other Bianca di Chioggia Chicory selection cycles are in Growing Information below

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