Acquerello | Variegato di Chioggia Radicchio Seed

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Acquerello (ex #SM4.27) Beautiful speckled, late winter heads of  Variegato di Chioggia radicchio

After months of freezing temperatures and snow of the northern Italy, these are among the last radicchio harvests through their winter months of February and into March. By then, hidden under a dubious-looking outer shell of decay, the slightly flattened round heads blanch radient gold with beautiful, deep burgundy flecking. Only mildly bitter, it is lovely shredded for a midwinter salad. With that much time exposed to the elements and the variability of winter conditions they naturally rank higher on the risk/reward scale if left that late to harvest, but when the conditions align for a late season harvest they are a true joy of the winter table.

As with all radicchio, be especially mindful of your planting dates as a successful crop requires a much narrower planting window than most garden vegetables.

Selection Cycles (days to maturity slots). For most vegetables growers stagger planting dates to provides a continuous harvest. With radicchio, a different strategy is employed. For most, heading radicchio is best suited to seeding around the summer solstice, Dec 21st to Jan 3rd, transplanting 3-4 weeks later. To achieve extended harvest periods, rather than staggering planting dates, radicchio uses days-to-maturity options within a type. These are often referred to as “slots” with many types having early, mid, and late slotted varieties

*Acquerello seed is offered as part of the “Gusto Italiano Project”, a collaborative partnership . Organically grown seed bred in Italy by Smarties.Bio

Key features

  • Pelleted seed for ease and precision sowing
  • Latest winter harvest variety
  • Excellent bolting tolerance
  • Grow in cool temperate areas, avoiding heavy frosts
  • Suits fresh market, storage
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