Capriccio | Long Day Frisee Endive Seed

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*Capriccio is offered as part of the “Gusto Italiano Project“, a collaborative partnership. Certified organic seed grown in Italy by Smarties.Bio.

There is a saying in Italy “Per ogni riccio un capriccio” (“For each curl, a whim”). A properly blanched core of curly endive is thing of beauty and a joy on the salad plate. Frilly golden frisee leaves add visual whim, just the right amount of mild, refreshing bitterness, and endless curls and twists to keep the dressing up in the salad where it belongs instead of left behind on the plate

Capriccio provides a very uniform habit and impressive dense heads with big cores for blanching. An excellent production variety with good bolt resistance, well adapted to a variety of planting dates including long-day periods

Germination requires 30% oversowing. (70-75% Germination rate)

Key features

  • Frisee type. Dense heads with very curly leaves and big cores for blanching
  • Upright and healthy plants with a strong ability to self whitening
  • Excellent production variety, suitable both for fresh market and processing
  • Well adapted to a variety of planting dates including long-day periods
  • Good tolerance to Tip Burn. Excellent resistance to bolting
  • Very uniform habit, flexible to different transplanting date and condition
  • Precision pelleted seed
  • Easy to harvest
  • Days To Maturity from transplant: 70 Days
  • Contact us for larger production quantities. Ref: Capriccio
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