Voglia | Rosa Di Gorizia Chicory Seed

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Voglia produces stunning rose shaped rosetted in tones of pink to deep burgundy

‘Voglia’ Rosa di Gorizia is a delicious bite, with a subtle and refreshing bitterness and delicate crispness and if you are a lover of plant form or just a lover of exquisite beauty, the result will take your breath away. Smarties.bio ‘s Voglia is a robust type  with slightly thicker leaf and sturdier ribbing than others. Its leaf margins tend to be lightly serrated and there is often a colour contrast between the top and bottom of the leaf, providing a very elegant look. It is very uniform in shape and very cold hardy. Similarly Voglia seems less affected by rot or decay if you opt for ‘forcing’

Generally start forcing Gorizia/Isontina types in June. The plants will look quite a bit less vigorous in the field, the outer leaves start to decay a bit, and the energy is very much focused in the centre of the rosette. At this point lift the plants, shake off the roots, and pull off all but the very small centre-most leaves. Gorizia must be forced in darkness. The folks at Uprising Seeds do theirs in a medium of damp sand mixed with coco coir, though it can also be done in damp wood shavings, or even packed in totes in water like Treviso Tardivo. Air circulation is helpful so closing them in a bin with a lid on it to achieve darkness isn’t the best strategy. Root cellars, dark closets, dark basements are all great places. 15.5C or under is best

As with all radicchio, be especially mindful of your planting dates as a successful crop requires a much narrower planting window than most garden vegetables.

*Voglia (ex #SM4.31 is offered as part of the “Gusto Italiano Project”, a collaborative partnership. Organically grown seed, bred in Italy by Smarties.Bio

Key features

  • Culinary delicacy, subtle and refreshing bitterness and delicate crispness
  • Robust, can be used as a forcing type, add two weeks from harvest
  • Flexible cycle for harvesting from the beginning of June to the end of winter
  • Extremely cold hardy
  • Suits fresh market
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