Pyrolizer |150L Biochar Kiln

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Turn fire risk reduction into Stable Carbon Production!


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The Pyrolizer Biochar Kiln.

“We’ve been adding biochar annually to our existing vegie permabeds, composts and seed raising mixes as a key part of a long term regenerative soil strategy at Longley Organic Farm, we’re reaping the benefits.”

  • Designed for a clean burn, wood to carbon pyrolisis achieved at 500-700 degrees celcius.
  • Solid Stainless Steel, precision cut construction for years of burns.
  • Oxygen depletion in this design means carbon platelets remain intact, no alkaline ash.
  • 1 hour/ 150litre Bio-char manufacture.
  • Safe and controlled low impact burns for backyards, businesses, public facilities and farms.
  • Create long term stable carbon (millenia) while reducing burn off, atmospheric carbon emissions.
  • Perfect for making microporous biochar to activate with natural fertilisers and compost.
  • Great winter and autumn clean up tool.
  • Perfect for controlled summer burns.
  • Easy to move around your land or share with others.
  • For use with limb wood or split wood to 100mm thick down to twigs and dry stalks.
  • Part of a carbon footprint and regenerative soil strategy.
  • 2 year design guarantee.
  • We send world-wide. contact us

The 150 litre Biochar Kiln Pyrolizer. Turn fire risk reduction into Stable Carbon Production!

Designed and guaranteed by people that have been producing high quality biochar (a source of stable carbon) for over a decade.

The Pyrolizer Biochar Kiln is made to produce a clean burn.

Stable and microporous carbon platelet will impart a swag of benefits to composts, soils, for many dozens of burns and much more.

The flat pack cones made of 1.6mm 304 stainless steel can be effortlessly moved to the burn site.

The Pyrolizer Biochar Kiln cleans easily making it convenient to transport and share if desired.

Our Stainless steel Biochar cone kiln reduces fire risk to household and other yards.

With a focused central burn 500-700 C, carbon platelets are maintained, producing a fast and effective stable carbon for regenerative gardening. That’s a win, win situation for all!

Please contact us for further information and other international shipping or visit the Longley Organic Farm website.

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