Plant Sap Sodium Meter

$645.33 AUD excl gst

The Plant Sap Sodium Meter accurately measures the amount of sodium in the plant at any stage of the crop cycle.

The increasing salinity of many irrigation sources and the buildup of sodium through the use of high-sodium chemical fertilisers can sometimes create plant health problems. The sodium meter can identify any potential problems at the onset. If sodium base saturation percentages exceed potassium base saturation in the soil, the plant will begin to take up sodium instead of potassium. The Plant Sap Sodium Meter, used in conjunction with the Plant Sap Potassium Meter, allows early diagnosis of these problems to facilitate rapid correction.


  • Japanese manufactured specialist ion meter featuring flat sensor technology, which allows measurement of a very small volume of liquid – ideal for plant sap measurements.
  • Measurement range 23 – 2300 ppm.
  • Display range 0 – 9900 ppm.
  • Waterproof.
  • 3 sampling methods available depending on sample volume.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Auto hold and auto power off.
  • Replacement sensor available.
  • Note: Published crop specific data is limited as this is a relatively new research area. However, comparing data in your crop from season to season while noting yields and insect pressure, as well as making comparisons on sap nutrient status between healthy and suboptimal crops/plants, and comparing young and old leaves, can provide valuable information for fine tuning fertiliser inputs and correcting imbalances.