Noble Jade | F1 Gailan Seed

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Early harvests of thick, tender and sweet spears

Spears develop a mustardy flavour as they mature. Although transplanting is recommended, it performs better direct-seeded and at tighter spacing than many mini broccoli varieties (10-20cm in-row). Potentially 1–2 weeks earlier than Happy Rich, it is less heat tolerant and with a shorter harvest period. This Chinese specialty (also known Chinese kale) can be sold loose or in bunches. Days to maturity; 22 Days

Key features

  • Mustardy flavour, tender and sweet spear
  • Chinese specialty (also known Chinese kale or Chinese broccoli)
  • Can be direct sown. Tighter spacing than many varieties (10-20cm in-row).
  • Early type with a short harvest period, Sow every 2 weeks.
  • Sell loose or in bunches.
  • Days to maturity from transplant: 22 Days. Sow every 2 weeks.
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