Morellato Rotary Plow

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Morellato ARM4 Rotary Plow

Morellato Single-sided Rotary Plow with implement BCS Quick Hitch

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ARM4 Rotary Plow

Morellato’s ARM4 rotary plow has been factory fitted with the BCS implement Quick Hitch for use with our BCS walking tractor models

It is used on soils of variable consistency and performs the combined work of plowing and tilling, leaving the soil ready for subsequent sowing

It also works well on grassy grounds not prepared for plowing by making a good burying of grass or fallow

The Morellato ARM4 rotary plow is completed with 4 x tool grade reversible blades and an adjustable wheel height

Access for regional growers

  • We freight throughout Australia and to the South Pacific. For more information contact senior consultant, James Hutchinson.  [email protected] +61 427995867

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