BCS Precision Depth Roller

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BCS 80cm Precision Depth Roller for the Rotary Tiller

Turn an 80cm BCS Rear-Tine Tiller into a precise tilthing machine!

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(Accessory for BCS 80cm model rotary hoes – The rotary hoe is not included)

Mounted behind the BCS (includes Ferrari and Pasquali) rotary hoe, transforming it into a hybrid and versatile attachment combining the advantages of a power harrow for the preparation of the sowing bed with the capacity to chop and bury weeds and plant residues

Roller for adjusting the tilling depth and for leveling the soil. The Precision Depth Roller replaces the rear flap of the Tiller with a full length roller

Reduced Soil Impact. The PDR consists of a roller (which fully covers the working width) and a quick change lever that adjusts the rotary hoe knife penetration depth with extreme precision reducing the impact on the soil to a minimum

Fine Bed Preparation. By adjusting the PDR on a reduced working depth (to approx 3-5cm), it is particularly helpful for the preparation of the final sowing bed: the rotary hoe knives turn up and mix the soil allowing the quick growth of the young roots. Shallow-Till-with-PDR.gif  Video courtesy of Curtis Stone, author of “The Urban Farmer.”

Seed Bed Roller. Lastly, the roller with holes gently compacts the surface layer of the soil to improve the performance of mechanical seeders and seed germination

No need to remove the PDR once it is installed. In addition to the full-length roller, the PDR features an easy-to-use, quick change depth control lever that instantly changes the setting of the tines from a minimum depth of 13mm to a maximum of 175mm, so there’s no need to remove the PDR once it is installed. The 17 depth settings of the control lever are in 13mm increments and include a transport setting for easy travel to and from the garden beds

The tilling capacity at a reduced depth eliminates emerging weeds and creates a mulch that is not contaminated with weed seeds

Raising the PDR to its maximum adjustment allows the rotary hoe knives to go deeper to turn up new soil and to create an organically richer soil

Access for regional growers


  • Full-width roller maintains precise tine depth in 13mm increments
  • Roller gently compacts the soil surface to create a ready-to-plant seedbed
  • Preserves soil structure and prevents hard pan



  • Working width: 80 cm
  • Adjustment of the rotary hoe working depth: from 13mm to a maximum of 175mm tilling depth with a quick change lever
  • Transport position: to allow the two-wheel tractor to move from and to areas to be worked without removing  the PDR
  • Steel roller with holes: supported by self-lubricating metal bushings
  • Weight: 20 kg

For more information on the features of the Precision Depth Roller, contact us

Installing the PDR onto a BCS Tiller


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