Mogwai | F1 Slicer Field Cucumber Seed

$6.47$68.04 AUD excl gst

Mogwai is a slicing cucumber with an extensive disease package

Mogwai has a dark green skin colour and the fruit length is approximately 23-24cm x 5-6cm

  • Field Slicer
  • Dark green skin colour
  • Fruit length is approx 23-24cm x 5-6cm
  • Suits fresh market and processing
  • Very strong disease tolerances. Resistances: Intermediate: CMV, PRSV, WMV, ZYMV, Px, Pcu, Ccu
Plant Family: Seed Type: Growing Conditions: , Disease Resistance: , , , , , , Brand Catalogue: Seed & Seeder Compatibility: , , , Notifications: Market segment: ,

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