Mini 5 | 5 Cell Soil Blocker

$93.03 AUD excl gst

Make your own seed-starting transplant blocks!

The Mini 5 is great for Mid-Summer starts and for small and quick germinating seeds. The Mini 5 can be used with Standard or Long Dibbles, and produces five 3.8cm blocks

Please note that Standard Dibbles are included with this product. Long Dibbles need to be purchased separately if required


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Makes five 38mm square blocks for medium-seeded vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Easy to use

  • Moisten earth based soil , push block maker down, turn back and forth, and lift
  • Set filled block maker into a tray, squeeze, and release
  • Includes standard dibbles that make small depressions in the tops of soil blocks for seeds
  • Developed in conjunction with Eliot Coleman
  • Naturally develop seedlings in your own soil
  • Works with the larger Maxi 1 soil blocker to form a system if desired

Johnny’s Selected Seed | Soil Block Maker | Instruction Manual

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