Green-128 | Batch Seeding Package

$605.00 AUD excl gst

Rapid seeding of the Green 128 cell transplant flats, seeding 1,280 seedlings in around 5 minutes

Additional seed plates for the Green 128 Drop Seeder available here



  • Includes 20 x Green 128 flats
  • G-128 Drop Seeder with seed plate of your choice
  • G-128 Plug Popper for rapid removal of seedlings and extended life of flats, also works as a dibble board
  • Extra seed plates can be purchased on the Seeder Plates | Green-128 Seeder System page
  • Unique to ActiveVista

The time saving Batch Seeding Package speeds up market garden operations, allowing a batch of multiple flats in fast time

NOTE: Drop seeders are suited to medium sized, rounded seed or for multiple drop of smaller round seed. For elongated, flat and singulation of smaller round seed we recommend using the Vibro Hand Seeder

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