Green-128 | Batch Seeding Package

$478.15 AUD excl gst

Enable rapid seeding of 10 x Green 128 cell flats in 5 minutes. That’s a staggering 1,280 seedlings!



  • Unique to ActiveVista
  • Includes 20 x Green 128 flats
  • G-128 Drop Seeder with seed plate of your choice
  • G-128 Plug Popper for rapid removal of seedlings and extended life of flats, also works as a dibble board
  • Extra seed plates can be purchased on the Seeder Plates | Green-128 Seeder System page

The time saving Batch Seeding Package speeds up market garden operations, allowing a batch of multiple flats in fast time

*flat profile seeds are not used with drop seeding systems

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