Erebus RZ | F1 Chilli Seed

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Erebus RZ, a Middle East- type pepper is a proven performer that delivers exceptional fruit and has a medium-hot flavour profile

Best suited to protected cultivation, Erebus RZ bushes are highly productive, regular and strong in all conditions even the harshest. Importantly it is resistant to tomato spotted wilt virus. The plants of this variety have strong vigour and an open habit, producing uniform, high-quality fruits, 14-16cm long with afw of 20-25g

Shelf life is very good, making this variety suitable for export

Key features

  • High yield of high-quality fruits
  • Open habit
  • Uniform fruit: 14-16cm long
  • Average Field Weight: 20-25g
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Resistances: TMV/ToMV/PMMoV:2/ TSWV:0
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