Delica | F1 Kabocha Squash Seed

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Number one in the export buttercup market
Consistently produces first class fruit. Wide adaptability to various growing conditions. The fruit are very sweet with good taste, and will develop further 2 weeks to 6 weeks post harvest. Medium early maturity, 45 – 50 days after flowering, 1.7 – 1.9kg fruit weight, dark green skin, flat globe shape, thick yellow flesh.

Avg seed count 548 seeds/100g

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CULTURE: Fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0–6.8 is best. Plastic mulch and fabric row covers can aide plant establishment and exclude insect pests during the seedling stage. Row covers should be removed when plants begin to flower. Poor fruit development may indicate insufficient pollination.

TRANSPLANTING: Sow 2-3 seeds per 5cm container or plug flat about 3 weeks prior to transplanting. Thin to 1 plant/container or cell with scissors. Harden plants 4–7 days prior to transplanting. After danger of frost has passed, transplant out according to the spacing recommendations for each variety. Handle seedlings carefully; minimal root disturbance is best.

DIRECT SEEDING: Sow 2 seeds at the appropriate spacing interval for the variety’s vine length, 13-25mm deep. Thin to 1 plant per spacing interval after seedlings are established.

PLANT SPACING: Bush to short-vine habits generally require 15cm between-row spacing, while long-vine habits require 30cm between-row spacing. In-row spacing depends on fruit size and is generally: small, 45-60cm; medium, 60-90cm; large, 90-120cm.

DISEASES: Common cucurbit diseases include powdery mildew, downy mildew, bacterial wilt, and phytophthora. Avoid problems with adequate soil drainage, good air flow, insect pest control, and crop rotation.

INSECT PESTS: Cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and vine borers are all common pests for cucurbits. Protect young plants with floating row cover. Squash bug eggs found on the undersides of leaves may be crushed by hand. For vine borers, cut out of vines and hill soil over the wound. Keep field borders mowed and remove plant refuse in autumn; spring plow to bury pupae. Pyrethrin sprays may offer some control.

HARVEST: Fruits are typically ready about 50-55 days after fruit set, and should be harvested before any hard frosts. Cut fruits from vines and handle carefully. Sun cure by exposing fruits for 5-7 days or cure indoors by keeping squash at 27-29°C with good air ventilation.

STORAGE: Store at 10-15°C, 50-70% relative humidity and good ventilation. Repeated exposure to temperatures below 10°C may cause chilling damage. Kabochas get sweeter with a few weeks of storage. Green varieties will keep up to 4–5 months in storage; Winter Sweet will keep up to 6 months. Sunshine is the exception and is delicious right out of the field, but will only last a maximum of 3 months.

DAYS TO MATURITY: From direct seeding; subtract about 14 days if transplanting.

AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATES:(at 2 seeds/30cm, rows 15cm apart) 30g/50m, 500g/800m, 1.36kg/acre.

SEED SPECS: Seed/kg  5,480/1000g

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