Bonarda | F1 Overwinter Sprouting Broccoli Seed

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Productive overwintering variety

Bonarda produces cold-hardy mini broccolis with deep purple florets on narrow stems and very strong, upright plants.

For late summer or early autumn planting to overwinter and harvest in early spring. 3-week harvest window. Later maturity prevents floret damage from early spring frosts. NOTE: Vernalisation (prolonged exposure to cold temperatures) is required for a successful crop. Bonarda will winterkill if unprotected and temperatures fall below -7°C.

Key features

  • Overwintering type for Spring production
  • High productivity
  • Days To Maturity: 210 Days
  • Disease resistance: High, Fusarium Yellows; Intermediate, Black Rot
  • Hybrid Status: Hybrid (F1)
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