58L Front Harvest Bag

$135.30 AUD excl gst

Comfortably and easily harvest your fruit and vegetables with a 58L bag

The Terrateck front harvest bag is for harvesting market gardening crops and fruit. It allows its operator to work hands free while standing

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This harvest bag provides comfort, ergonomics and productivity for the user because the load is spread equally over the shoulders and the loading of vegetables in the front position reduces the need to bend over and extend the body. The feature of this bag is the ability to unload the fruit and vegetables by detaching the lower part of the bag, which is folded beforehand, to transfer them into crates. This saves time and the work is always done in an ergonomic posture. This bag has several settings so that it can be perfectly adjusted  to fit the wearer.

It is particularly suited to harvested crops such as green beans, peas, cucumbers, gherkins, etc. Also suitable for: apples, pears, peaches, apricots, etc.


  • Adjustment Variable according to operator
  • 58 Litre capacity
  • Height 60cm
  • Diameter 35cm

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