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Our passion: Organic farming

Terrateck is just like those who founded the company. As such, we are committed and passionate about our business.

Our core values


Design, manufacturing and marketing. We are constantly seeking to innovate.


As part of our service to the land, we are committed to agriculture without chemical inputs.


We bring producers and market gardeners together to gain a real understanding of their needs.

Our roots

For almost 10 years, we have been committed to providing technical solutions to the issues faced in the field of diversified organic market gardening.

Terrateck, a company that designs, manufactures and distributes equipment for vegetable production, offers you a wide range of tools adapted to your farm and your needs.

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Product Type
Double wheel hoe (23)
Single wheel hoe (22)
Accessory (11)
All weather (6)
Mechanical drill (1)
Attachment (18)
Bed dibblers (1)
Bed rollers (1)
Cultivator (1)
Field transplanters (1)
Film perforator (1)
Hand tool (8)
Handle (3)
Interchangeable (1)
Manual (1)
Manual harvester (1)
Mulch layer (3)
Powered harvester (1)
Mechanised (2)
Single Row (1)
Replacement part (12)
Kit / Package (1)
Seed Drills / Planters (1)
Garlic Bulb Planter (1)
Tools & Equipment (59)
Bed Maintenance (45)
Bed Preparation (3)
Long Handled Hoes & Weeders (13)
Short Handled Implements (1)
Wheel Hoes & Implements (28)
Greenhouses & Crop Covers (3)
Mulch & Landscape Fabric (3)
Harvest Equipment (11)
Harvesters (3)
Post Harvest (1)
Workwear & Gloves (7)
Paperpot Transplanter Systems (1)
Paperpot Transplanters & Equipment (1)
Weeder Type
Cultivator Type