Winstrip 288

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Best quality 288 cell production plug tray

Winstrip 288 cell trays are great space savers as they take up very little space on your tables or in the germination chamber. Perfect for poor germinating varieties before potting on.

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Winstrip 288

Cell Size – 1.83cm width x 3.3cm Depth
Cell Volume – 11.25ml
Tray Volume – 2.359 litres
Tray Dimension – 518mm x 260mm

Winstrip® Air Prune Nursery Trays have been trusted by growers around the world for decades. They are simply the best, longest lasting trays made.

The Winstrip Tray eliminates over watering, reduces disease, and produces the highest quality seedling that resists transplant shock. This is achieved through air strips and open cells.

Air Pruning

Roots obviously grow downward. Every nursery tray has only a round drainage hole at the bottom of the cell. Roots hit the bottom of the tray and circle around and around that hole.

The Winstrip Trays’ unique bottom design stops roots from circling even if the plant is overgrown. It is all about that Winstrip shape at the bottom of the cell. It holds in soil and air prunes.

Educational Videos | Winstrip Trays

For more information about using our Winstrip Trays, check out the YouTube Winstrip Playlist.

Preferred Choice with Mechanical Transplanters

Winstrip Trays durability and rigidity combined with the ease at which plugs can be popped make them the preferred choice for use with mechanical transplanters.

Winstrip® is a registered trademark of Neversink Tools

Made in the USA by us from food grade BPA-free recycled plastic

Mixed Pallets – Choose  “400 Tray Pallet” to order any combination of Winstrip trays. After you order, contact us to let us know what combination of trays, in units of ten, you want as part of the 400 total.


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