Vespucci RZ | Primed Large Green Oakleaf Seed

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 Vespucci RZ is an exciting large green oakleaf for year round production*

Vespucci RZ is a multi-leaf oakleaf type lettuce. It features fine, lobed, wonderfully textured soft oak leaves, perfect for a salad mix. Vespucci’s uniformity and favourable, upright plant habit is enjoyed by growers along with it’s high suitability for mechanical harvest and most up-to-date downy mildew resistances.

Vespucci RZ is a Salanova® variety and therefore separates into multiple evenly proportioned, ready-to-eat, leaves with one cut at the base. Salanova® has up to three times more leaves than traditional lettuce, offering tremendous advantages for everyone in the vegetable chain, including processors, retailers, and ultimately consumers.

This fantastic oakleaf also comes with Knox™. A naturally occurring trait, discovered through Rijk Zwaan’s breeding program – Knox™ extends the shelf life of lettuce, delaying oxidation and delaying pinking on the cut surfaces of lettuce.

Key features

  • Dark glossy green leaves, upright habit, can be planted at high population and machine harvested
  • One-cut-ready Salanova® variety, with longer Knox™ shelflife
  • Single cut, loose leaf harvesting and Cut-and-come-again in small production systems
  • *Year round production in cool/warm temperate areas, and autumn, winter, spring in sub tropics
  • Primed pelleted seed allows high efficiency seeding and germination for transplants or direct precision seeding
  • Resistances: High: Bl:29-40EU/Nr:0 Intermediate:LMV:1
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