Dibble Board-Plug Poppers (Green series & Winstrip)

$66.68$130.58 AUD excl gst

Position seed holes and free your seedling plugs from flats in seconds, much less time and damage

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Dual purpose Dibble Board – Plug Poppers suits our Green low cost plug flats for profitable market farming

  • Use with 50, 72 cell and 128 cell BN ‘Green’ series and Winstrip-50, 72 and 128 commercial seedling flats (through ActiveVista)
  • Part of a commercial transplant system
  • Use as a dibble board before seeding
  • Can be used in conjunction with a drop seeder
  • Made from sustainably sourced timber
  • Triple coated in carnauba style oil for long life
  • Utilises trays more efficiently and can last longer

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