Optional Seed Discs | Earthway 1001-B seeder

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Make your EarthWay® Seeder more versatile

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Set of 5 different discs for: 1) brassicas, 2) cucurbits, 3) popcorn, 4) lima beans, and 5) light spacing of carrots/lettuce

  • Popcorn Seed Disc. 22.9 cm spacing. In addition to popcorn, will also plant medium-sized seeds less than 6.3mm
  • Carrot Seed Disc. 11.4cm spacing. In addition to carrots, will also plant some lettuce, turnip, endive, cabbage, onion, tomato, and other fine seeds 3.2mm in size
  • Broccoli Seed Disc. 2.5cm spacing. In addition to broccoli, will also plant mustard, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, rutabaga, and other fine seeds 2.5mm in size
  • Lima Bean Seed Disc. 30.5cm spacing. In addition to lima beans, will also plant peanuts and other large seeds 15.9mm in size
  • Cucumber Seed Disc. 22.9cm spacing. In addition to cucumbers, will also plant some pumpkin, gourds, squash, and other flat seeds 8mm in size


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