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The Drop Seeder and plate system makes seeding easier and more efficient
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The  264 hole Paperpot Drop Seeder interchangeable plates allow you to accurately sow various sized and pelleted seed into 264 cell paperchain pot system, allowing options of double spacing when required

Interchangeable plate sizes: (with suggested seed)

  • 1.5mm seeder plate, small singular brassica
  • 1.8mm seeder plate, larger brassica
  • 2.0mm seeder plate, larger brassica
  • 2.5mm seeder plate, larger brassica, some onin, spring onion
  • 2.8mm seeder plate is best suited to kale, turnips, other leafy greens and alliums
  • 3.2mm seeder plate, spinach, leek
  • 3.5mm seeder plate, coriander, onion sets
  • 4.5 mm seeder plate is suited to pelleted Salanova seed and similar or raw beetroot seed
  • 5.5mm seeder plate, Salanova, beets, chard
  • 6.5mm seeder plate, for even distribution of microgreen seed
  • 8.0mm seeder plate for even distribution of microgreen seed. (as requested by our microgreens growers)

Each plate size also has an option of double spacing to create both 20cm and 30cm spacing options when using either LP303-10 or 15 chainpots

Paperpot | Drop Seeder Plates Comparison Chart

The Drop Seeder unit is another time saving part of the Paperpot Transplanter system. As an integral cog in this  time efficient profitable farming and microgreens system, the Drop Seeder will simplify the the seeding process, replacing individual cell planting to one tray at a time, in seconds

Please note, drop seeders are primarily designed for medium sized round seed. Small seed will not singulate, however tray cells should be pricked out to a single seedling as a standard horticultural practice. For elongated or flat seed you may consider using the Vibro hand seeder

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