Frame | Infinite Rolling Dibbler

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The dibbler with almost infinite adjustment capabilities



Dibble Wheel | Infinite Rolling Dibbler

Accessory for Infinite Rolling Dibbler

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Designed  for rapid bed gridding and hole forming

  • Add up to 11 Dibble Wheels
  • Leaves an impression in the soil to accurately space transplants
  • Pokes accurate holes in mulch films also!
  • Great for use with Green-128, Green-72, and Neversink 72 cell flats

Can be set up for in-row plant spacings of 75mm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 38cm, ,56cm, or 104cm. Spare dibbles store right on the wheel. Moisture-resistant wooden, CNC machined wheels coated with linseed oil. 50mm wide plastic outer wheel. Oiled ashwood and red powder-coat on steel construction. Completely adjustable for many different crop types. Wheels clamp securely in any position on the same axle for almost infinite adjustment up to the maximum width, including offset planting. Includes 95cm wide frame and one handle for one-person operation

Dibble wheels are not included and are required for use. (Each dibble wheel includes 16 solid (weighty) aluminium detachable dibbles that are 75mm long x 25mm diameter.) Maximum 800mm outside distance between wheels. Minimum spacing 70mm between rows. Made in USA

Number of wheels needed to achieve specified between or inter-row spacing:

  • 75mm spacing = 11 dibble wheels
  • 100mm spacing = 9 dibble wheels
  • 150mm spacing = 6 dibble wheels
  • 200mm spacing = 5 dibble wheels
  • 225mm spacing = 4 dibble wheels
  • 254mm spacing = 4 dibble wheels
  • 300mm spacing = 3 dibble wheels
  • 450mm spacing = 2 dibble wheels
  • 600mm spacing = 2 dibble wheels
  • 760mm spacing = 2 dibble wheels
  • 810mm spacing = 2 dibble wheels


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