Hand-held 4 Soil Blocker

$88.40 AUD excl gst

Make your own seed-starting transplant blocks.

  • Regenerative, bio-intensive focused
  • Naturally develop seedlings in your own soil
  • Works with smaller and larger soil blockers to form a system if desired.
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Makes 50mm square blocks for medium-seeded vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Easy to use.

  • Moisten earth based soil mix, push block maker down, turn back and forth, and lift.
  • Set filled block maker into a tray squeeze, and release.
  • Has standard dibbles that make small depressions in the tops of soil blocks for seeds.
  • Can also be fitted with optional Long Dibbles for large seeds or cuttings or 19mm Square Dibbles to receive mini blocks.
  • Developed in conjunction with Eliot Coleman.

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