Bed Shaper, Disc Ridger

$630.00 AUD excl gst

The Biagioli The AS25-Bed Shaper/Disc Ridger is used to form even sided beds in tilled soil for bed preparation or crop mounding

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Adjustable: Designed for use with BCS walking tractor models, the The AS25-Bed Shaper/Disc Ridger consists of an 80cm frame with two angled discs, adjustable in width, depth and angle

Operation: The two AS25-D discs’ ridging action pushes soil inwards to form an even sided bed

The Biagioli AS15 furrower/ridger is recommended for walking tractor models 8.5kW and above with  6.5/80-12 wheels and 34kg weights


  • BCS walking tractor (BCS, Ferrari, Pasquali) with 6.5/80-12 tyres
  • Biagioli AT.30 tool carrier: Either 2 bolt hitch or BCS Quick Hitch fitting
  • BCS Ballast weights: 34kg weights recommended


  • Minimum power required: 8.5 kW


  • Model: AS25-D – Width 80cm, Weight 25 kg