ActiveVista have a range of Flame Weeders for effective non chemical weed management of  your veggie patch or commercial market garden.

With a regenerative 75cm wide, human level design in mind these flame weeders each have their own advantages.

The single flame Red Dragon is perfect for fence lines, seed heads and destroying more advanced weeds.

The Neversink Flame Hood 37cm single torch system is designed for “Stale Seed Bedding” (refer to our farm website). After removal of winter covers, broadforking and amending (Tilthering) with compost and or fertiliser, beds should be watered to germinate any weed seed for two or three weeks¬†prior to crop seeding.

At this stage the Neversink Flame Hood comes into it’s own. Designed to maximise efficient cell wall collapse in newly emerged weeds rapidly preparing veggie beds with minimum effort, time and cost. The result is a low weed pressure bed (reduced weed pressure over season by 85% plus) perfect for successful plantings of leafy greens or crops such as carrot, beets, parsnip as part of a profitable system.

This can be incorporated into a no dig system.

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