Six-Figure guide

for professional regenerative market gardening.

In the coming weeks we will add an essential list of products used regeneratively by the folk at Longley Organic Farm (ACO12180) and by other professional micro-farmers for high yield human scale farming. The list will recognise a standard of equipment needed for establishing professional regenerative micro-farming systems.

The range will comprise of equipment used to get on with the job and that we successfully integrate into our system allowing real economic advantage.

We acknowledge that there is a plethora of equipment in the market of greater or lesser value both financially, quality and for that of a successful enterprise. This guide is drawn from our own and shared experiences over ten years of regenerative market gardening and successful implementation of a six figure return from less than an acre of intensive micro-farming.

This is intended as a resource for people wanting to enter this life affirming, rewarding industry.



First year estblishment of permabeds, working it out.