Zesty | F1 Indeterminate Pear Tomato Seed

$17.91$990.00 AUD excl gst

An early maturing indeterminate yellow pear grape tomato for speciality market growers

The plant has good vigour with an open plant habit and multi branched cluster formation. Zesty produces high yields of firm glossy jointed fruit with tear drop shape and bright yellow colour. The variety offers very good uniformity and good flavour for a yellow fruit type. The fruit are attractive with large size approx 15-25gms and are best suited for single pick for punnet pack production

Note; Zesty can take 25-35 days to germinate but is worth the wait. Keep seeds above 24C nights until germination

Key features

  • Indeterminate yellow pear grape with large fruit size 15-25gms
  • Multi branching with high yield potential and early maturity
  • Glossy bright yellow tear drop fruit, ideal for punnet packs
  • Speciality Grape – Coloured
  • Resistances – Intermediate: ToMV, Ff:1-5, Sbl
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