Six Tyne Market Garden Broadfork w/o handles

$135.00 AUD excl gst

  • ActiveVista made, for market farming.
  • Designed for human/soil prep endurance
  • Extra heavy duty, local steel constructed body.
  • The tynes are 6mm plasma cut hardened tool steel x 300mm long.
  • 6 Tynes are 110mm apart,
  • Designed for a standard 750mm permabed.
  • Handles sold separately


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ActiveVista’s own 6 Tyne heavy duty broadforks for low dig soil aeration supplied without handles giving you a cheap freight option to fit your own, wood or metal of your choice.

Purpose designed for ‘permabed’ human level agriculture. These broadforks fit a 750-800mm bed width perfectly without damaging the bed sides while aerating to 300mm depth.

Please note broadforks are designed to aerate and decompact soil to depth as part of a regenerative low dig system. They are not intended for turning soil.

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