JP-1 | Seeder + 5 Roller Package

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The Jang Seeder JP-1. Manual precision single row seeder, the leader in it’s class

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The Jang JP-1 single row seeder including the 5 seed rollers is the perfect game changing package for anyone serious about profitable market gardening

Containing the five main rollers for mixed cropping and microfarming

This package is designed to get you up and running at the most competitive price and quickest delivery

To access the complete list please see the Jang Seed Rollers page

  • Quick change rollers allowing you to seed different spacing and sizes quickly and efficiently
  • Includes 5 general rollers A6, LJ12, F24, X24, Y24
  • or 1; Specify your chosen 5 rollers in your order including 24 slot rollers
  • 2; List your selection at ‘Order notes (optional)’ in the checkout

Customers get to choose a combination of 5 rollers from our selection.

List your selection at ‘Order notes (optional)’ in the CHECKOUT ; A6 larger hole for corn and smaller peas normally valued at $30, any of our stocked 12 slot seed rollers normally valued over $30 each and up to 3 of our stocked selection of 24 slot seed rollers normally valued over $40. Please specify your chosen 5 rollers in your order

Seed Roller varieties listed below in order of size (largest to smallest):

  • A-6 (Small beans, peas and corn at 100 mm-250 mm apart)
  • L-12 (F-12 equivalent) – (spinach at 50 mm-125 mm apart, okra, Swiss chard at 50-125 mm apart) )
  • LJ-12 (beets, Swiss chard, deeper hole)
  • LV-12 (beets, Swiss chard)- new conical hole
  • MJ-12  (pelleted carrots, coriander, coated lettuce, coated onion, sorghum at 50-125 mm apart)
  • YY-12 (small brassica seed)
  • LJ-24 (deep hole)
  • F-24 (carrots, lettuce, intensive planted kale)
  • X-24  (leeks, mesculin, onion, radish, and spring onion at 13 mm – 63 mm apart)
  • Y-24 (brassicas, kale, mizuna, hakurei, daikon)

For intensive growing of leaf crops, radish etc, we suggest you copy the gear position, Number 13 or 14 gear at the front and number 9 at the rear. This will give you a 5cm spacing with 12 slot seed rollers; or a 2.5cm spacing with 24 slot seed rollers

The gears simply lift off the shafts, not bolted and the bicycle style chain simply lifts off and back on. This is the same positioning mentioned for use by Curtis Stone, ‘Urban Farmer’

Many of J.M. Fortier’s recommended spacings for ‘ The Market Gardeners Masterclass’ are suggested in the Selected Seeds listings with the individual seed varieties

The Jang JP-1 represents the worlds best direct seeding technology for all market gardeners. With a bunch of adjustment features and 10 years planning, the Jang JP-1 covers every angle!

  • For use with all small to medium sized seed, carrot, parsnip, lettuce, brassica, beets, radish, spinach and up to corn
  • Perfect for intensive planting of leafy greens, kale, radish etc. 11 rows on a 750mm bed
  • Perfectly spaced beets, carrots, salad turnips, radish…
  • Adjustable depth settings enables better planning for flame weeding and stale bed weed management practices
  • A vast selection pof seed rollers with varying hole widths, depths and numbers, ensuring the right roller for the job
  • A large clear seed hopper for extended planting allows a user to easily see how much seed is remaining in the system, enabling seed quantification for future bed planning
  • Works well in a variety of soil types
  • Soil scraper plate covers the seed before the rear wheel of the system firms the bed
  • Well designed wide, flat rear wheel creates good seed to soil contact while maintaining tilth

The Jang Seeder JP-1 is by far a game changer, this machine will serve you well over the years, paying for itself time and time again, in the first year!

At ActiveVista’s Longley Organic Farm we use this machine most weeks to quickly and accurately replant various crops in one time slot taking only minutes for each, this greatly supports stress free productivity!


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