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Seed plates have holes for seeds to pass through, allowing accurate singulation of larger seeds. Made of a special anti-abrasion plastic to prevent build-up of static electricity

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  • Jang seed rollers fit all Jang JD series seeders
  • Special anti-abrasion plastic to prevent build-up of static electricity
  • Sold individually
  • Option to select a quantity of any plate and specify plate in cart notes
  • A comprehensive range of seed plates to suit JD-1 and JDR
  • Request any Jang seed plate

Some of the common plates varieties listed below

A-2 Seed plate is the most popular. It’s for planting medium to large seeds sized 10.5 mm

Possible spacing for 8-hole plate is 109.9mm to 270mm

Possible spacing for 16-hole plate is 59.9mm to 139.9mm

8-hole plate
  • A1 – Red beans, small beans
  • A2 – Beans (30g/100pieces), sweet corn
  • A3 – Beans (40g/100pieces), snow-dent
  • C1 – Snow-dent 1, bionia-dent
  • C2 – White-dent corn
  • F1 – Red beans, precocious beans
16-hole plate
  • A11 – Red beans, small beans
  • A22 – Beans (30g/100pieces), sweet corn
  • A33 – Beans (40g/100pieces), snow-dent
  • A44 – Snow-dent A, bionia dent
  • C11 – Snow-dent 1, bionia dent
  • C22 – White-dent corn
16-hole plate (Oval shape)
  • S2 – Sorgos, wheat (small quantities)
  • W1 – Sorgos, wheat (large grain), barley (small quantities)
  • W2 – Barley, beans (30g/100pieces)
72-hole plate
  • E1,E2 – Peas
6×2-hole plate (Lines per plate: 2/Holes per line: 6)
  • D1 – Sweet corn
  • D2 – Snow-dent 1, bionia dent
8×2-hole plate (Lines per plate: 2/Holes per line: 8)
  • B1 – Red beans, small beans
  • B2 – Beans (30g/100pieces), sweet corn
  • B3 – Beans (40g/100pieces), snow-dent
  • G1 – Red beans, precocious beans
  • H1 – Precocious red beans
16×2-hole plate (Lines per plate: 2/Holes per line: 16)
  • B11 – Red beans, small beans
  • B22 – Beans (30g/100pieces), sweet corn
  • B33 – Beans (40g/100pieces), snow-dent
Blank seed plate (Customized by the user to match any specific seed)
  • X1, X2, X3

Holes Diameter (D) and Thickness (T) of Seed Plates

A1 – 8mm(D), 5mm(T)
A2 – 10.5mm, 6mm
A3 – 12mm, 6mm
C1 – 13.5mm, 6mm
C2 – 17mm, 5mm
F1 – 3.5mm, 5mm
A11 – 8mm, 5mm
A22 – 10.5mm, 6mm
A33 – 12mm, 6mm
A44 – 12.5mm, 6mm
C11 – 13.5mm, 6mm
C22 – 17mm, 5mm
B1- 8mm, 5mm
B2 – 10.5mm, 6mm
B3 – 12mm, 6mm
G1 – 9mm, 5mm
H1 – 7mm, 4mm
B11 – 8mm, 3mm
B22 – 10.5mm, 6mm
B33 – 12mm, 6mm
D1 – 10.5mm, 6mm
D2 – 13.5mm, 6mm
E1 – 9mm, 4mm
E2 – 10mm, 4mm
S2 – 6.8mm, 6mm
W1 – 8.6mm, 6mm
W2 – 10.6mm, 6mm
X1(blank) – 6mm(T)
X2(blank) – 5mm (T)
X3(blank) – 4mm (T)

*If appropriate disk is unavailable, holes can be drilled-out by using normal drill bits to match any specific seed or covered with adhesive tape to reduce the number of holes.*

Please contact us to order any not listed above

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