Green-128 Drop Seeder

$358.28 AUD excl gst

 The G-128 Drop Seeder unit is another time saving part of our Green series transplant system



As an integral cog in this  time efficient profitable farming system, the Drop Seeder will simplify the the seeding process, replacing individual cell planting to one tray at a time, in seconds

  • Purpose designed to accurately place seeds* into the Green-128 cell transplant plug flat
  • The drop seeder and plate system makes seeding easier and more efficient
  • This unit also comes as part of the  Green-128 Batch Seeder package

*flat profile seeds are not optimal for drop seeding systems


The G-128 Drop Seeder includes a seeder plate of your choice. Additional interchangeable seeder plates are here

  • The 1.5mm seeder plate, for brassica seed
  • The 2.8mm seeder plate is best suited to kale, mizuna, turnips, spring onions and other leafy greens
  • The 3.5mm seeder plate, for onion sets
  • The 4.5 mm seeder plate is suited to some pelleted and beet seed
  • The 5.5mm seeder plate, pelleted and beet seed
  • The 6.5mm seeder plate

Please note; some tiny seeds may have issues with static charge and if so can be sown by vibrating seeder or by hand

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