Mutineer Colinear Hoe Wide 175mm

$48.27 AUD excl gst

Conor Crickmore –“I think the colinear hoes, narrow and wide, work best as a set. I just hated having to carry both around. The mutineer solves this”

This is the wide 175mm Colinear Hoe For the interchangeable Mutineer system

Brand Catalogue:


Colinear Hoe invented by Eliot Coleman is made even better now that it is part of the Mutineer Hoe System. Mutineer Handle required for use.

The user stands straight, using a thumbs-up grip, while a sharp, thin blade rides flat and collinear with the soil surface, slicing off weeds without throwing soil onto nearby seedlings. Ergonomic design makes weeding surprisingly enjoyable. Especially effective in and around low-lying crops such as head lettuce.

The Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe System*, enables you to use one handle for all of your cultivating needs. It was developed through a collaboration between Eliot Coleman and Conor Crickmore. You need only one handle per person and you can carry multiple heads with you into the field or garden. This is the last hoe you’ll ever need. *Patent Pending

Hand & body position by Eliot Coleman for long handle collinear hoe

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