Agretti | Salsola Soda Seed

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Agretti is a great choice for those looking to diversify their crop and expand their market offerings

Agretti, also known as Salsola soda and Barilla is a fast growing versatile annual herb to 70cm. It has fleshy green leaves with either green or red stems that have a distinctive salty flavour. Popular among foodies and restaurants, Agretti is used for salads when young and tender, steamed and dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt and  as a bedding for fish dishes. Agretti may also replace its cousin, Okahijiki in sushi where its tartness, brininess, and texture can balance a delicate fish flavour

Key Features

  • Versatile annual culinary herb with unique flavour
  • Salt tolerant coastal plant, low fertiliser requirements
  • Easy to grow, prefers sandy soil with full sun
  • Days to Maturity from sowing: 45-60 days
Plant Family: Seed Type: , , , Growing Conditions: , Harvest Season: ,

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