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Market Segment
Fresh market(2)
Shelling pea(1)
Snow pea(1)
Seed Type
Open pollinated(2)
Growing Conditions
Disease Resistance
Ep - Powdery mildew(2)
Fop - Near wilt(1)
PEMV - Pea enation mosaic(1)
Seeder Compatibility
  • Peas

    A staple of Australian diets, our pea selection offers the most sought after fresh maket varieties in Australia with the best resistances and growing versitility for professional and home growers

  • massey-gem-garden-pea-seed

    Massey Gem | Garden Pea Seed

    $7.69$352.98 AUD excl gst
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  • oregon-giant-snow-pea

    Oregon Giant | Snow Pea Seed

    $7.83$516.88 AUD excl gst
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