Wizard Planters | Seed Discs

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A wide range of seeding discs allows the planting of a large quantity of crops from the smallest to the largest, from the lightest to the heaviest, the most homogeneous to the most heterogeneous. When selecting discs for standard 1 row per seeder unit choose DSS and DS1 discs.  Recommended and general seed application will display above “Add to Cart” when disc option is selected. For any inquiries please contact us.

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Wizard Seed Disc Price Guide


Table of DS1 and DSS Single Row Discs

Table of R1 Single Row Discs

The Wizard Seeder R2-R3 system option splits each unit into a two or three row seeder. Below is the table of discs used for the R2-R3 system.

Table of R2/R3 Multi Row Discs includes discs DSS, DS1, DS2, DS3

Table of R1/R3 Multi Row Discs




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