Hand Wire Weeder

$89.61$110.14 AUD excl gst

Thin wire pulls roots of small weeds in top layer of soil with minimal disturbance. Lightweight, fast and maneuverable tool

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Replacement wire heads are available here when you buy the hand wire weeder

With soft soils can even pull more established weeds. Pulls the weeds with roots and all, this keeps roots from re-establishing like when cut with a stirrup hoe. Not angle dependent like a co-liniar or scuffle hoe. Never needs sharpening! Foam comfort grip on handle. Three different wire shapes available. Flat wire, One Flat, and Two Flat. Using the extra Flats pulls on the wire in a stronger direction letting you dig out bigger weeds than the wide direction lets you. Will not cut drip tape!

125mm wide thin spring wire head

25cm aluminum handle

Foam comfort grip over handle

Tool Weight:200grams

Total tool length: 35 cm

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