Soil Doctor Service

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Regenerative Soil Diagnostics

A bespoke service for small-medium food gardens & pasture, supported by independent laboratory testing  APPLY HERE


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  • Harnessing soil biology strengths, building on soil health

Whether you are starting a commercial market garden or just wanting to grow nutrient dense food, a baseline report of your soil’s state empowers appropriate remediation and long term health for your soil food web and ultimately the consumer

Our Soil Doctor Service provides bespoke regenerative soil remediation focusing on available organic inputs to best meet your garden’s nutritional requirements

The Soil Doctor Service is high quality/low cost amelioration service, made possible with you, the client sampling your own soil with an easy DIY kit and instructional guide

  • Assistance for appropriate soil sampling to maximise effectiveness of reporting

We will provide telephone support to ensure that correct sampling methodology is applied and samples are representative for your requirements. Your soil sample/s are then processed for analysis of nutrient and micronutrient levels, pH, organic matter and cation exchange capacity using the Mehlich 3 Extraction Method through Agvita Laboratory , Tasmania. Results are then interpreted by our soil agronomist, “Backyard Agronomist” Garth Coghlan (Grad. Dip. Ag. Science)

Using a base cation saturation ratio (BCSR) mainstream approach of nutrient sufficiency Garth provides a comprehensive report with recommendations and prescriptive formula focusing on remedial regeneration of your soil’s food web with inputs specific to long term health of your growing soil, providing optimum results for your intended use


Soil Doctor Service sampling package includes

  • Soil sampling kit*
  1. Garden Profile Form(downloadable here)
  2. Instructional video
  3. Soil Sampling Guide (downloadable here)
  4. Prepared Sample data sheet and lab addressed Express Post satchel for soil analysis
  • In person phone consultation and support at all stages
  • Independent testing and analysis
  • Comprehensive baseline report, immediate and follow up recommendations by the agronomist with amelioration formula
  • Specific amendment preparation and application instructions and further advice if required
  • Provision of required micronutrients available at additional cost

 To arrange for a soil sampling package please contact us

*Tasmanian customers can collect a sample kit including the basic sampling equipment from ‘Here On Earth’, ActiveVista’s market farm sales and hire shop, 1690 Huon Rd, Longley


How it works

1.    Contact James with any questions or to arrange a time to discuss and get started
2.    Arrange to receive your soil submission package after discussing your sample requirements
3.    Make your soil samples (with telephone consultation and guidance if required)
4.    Forward your soil sample/s with our documentation in the addressed Express Post satchel provided
5.    Invoicing is then processed based on number of samples and reporting time, (average cost for 1 sample and detailed report is $380 inc gst)
6.    You are provided with a complete agronomist’s report and formula. (Download the following report to view real examples)
Longley Organic Farm – soil analysis Jan 2018 camp hill
       Longley Organic Farm, Leslievale – soil analysis Oct 2017 orchard
7.    Follow up telephone contact can be made directly with the agronomist and author of your report, Garth Coghlan
8.    Provided guidance for you to prepare your bespoke fertiliser from the agronomists report and formula if required



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