NTS Granular Humic Acid (ACO) Leonardite

$92.80$2,093.62 AUD excl gst

A processed concentrate containing humic acid in slow-release, granulated form. These humates are delivered in convenient 2 – 4 mm granules, containing 70% humic acids.
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  • Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Registered Farm Input 456AI.
  • Offer all the numerous benefits of humic acid in a slow-release form.
  • Slow-release humic acid can help to stabilise inputs throughout the crop cycle.
  • This product still retains the high levels of broad-spectrum minerals that were part of the ancient plants from which it was derived.
  • Humic acid is a powerful fungi promotant. Beneficial fungi are the missing link in many soils.
  • Stabilise nitrogen and improve nitrogen efficiency.
  • Complex phosphate to reduce lock-ups.
  • Natural chelating and complexing agent to help magnify nutrient absorption.
  • Contains a growth promotant that can enhance cell division and elongation.
  • Can buffer the effects of excessive elements (particularly sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
  • pH buffering capacity to help neutralise the problems associated with pH extremes.
  • Promote seed germination in a shorter time.
  • Assist in soil wetting.
  • Promote soil structure improvement by promoting fungi to create a crumb structure for better water and oxygen intake and improved root penetration.
  • Microbe-friendly.