Neversink Flame Hood by Neversink Tools

$572.00 AUD excl gst

  • For pre-emergence flame weeding and stale seedbed preparation.
  • Simply clamps onto the torch head of any standard sized backpack flame weeder.
  • We recommend the Red Dragon Flame Weeder to convert it into a fast, efficient rolling bed flamer.
  • Created by Conor Crickmore based on Eliot Coleman’s original design. Patent Pending

Currently on back order, we are expecting a major Neversink Tools delivery late June.


The Flame has an all stainless steel hood to concentrate and distribute heat evenly, reduce fuel usage, and prevent burning nearby plants and greenhouse plastic. Balanced by a roller to maintain optimum height above the soil and take weight off the operator’s arms. Conveniently just over 38cm wide, for one pass down and one pass back on a 75cm bed. It is light and easy to transport. Perfect for indoor and outdoor flaming. Includes two clamps and fits a 5cm to 6.5cm torch head. 100k btu to 400k btu.

All stainless and aluminum construction means it will last for generations.

With a standard nonadjustable regulator then we recommend using the 100,000 btu torch Red Dragon Torch with trigger available now with ActiveVista

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