HP-16 Paperpot Transplanter Essentials Package incl. delivery Aust. and N.Z.

$2,609.55$2,889.55 AUD (ex GST)

The Paperpot Transplanter, a cornerstone market gardening tool, enables re-cropping a 20 metre bed with three rows in under 10 minutes with 4-6 week old plants.

Shipping included Australia and New Zealand.

ActiveVista by Longley Organic Farm offers the choice of three great value Paperpot Transplanter Systems:

The ‘Complete Market Gardener Package’, the ‘Essentials Market Gardener Package’ and our ‘Batch Seeder Package’. ActiveVista market gardener packages give you the best value in Australia and N.Z and everything included to start using the system.



The Paperpot Transplanter is turning hours of labour into minutes!

‘The Essentials’ Market Gardener Package

 Everything you need to start transplanting various crops for many beds includes;

  • 1 x HP-16** Single row transplanter,
  • 40 x High quality 600mm x 300mm flat trays (also for microgreens)
  • 3 cases of 264 cell Paperchain pots inc; 150 x 5cm, 75 x 10cm and 75 x 15cm spaced cells.
  • Spreader frame,
  • 1 pair Spreader bars,
  • 1 x complimentary paperback copy of either J.M.Fortier’s “The Market Gardener”, Curtis Stone’s  “Urban Farmer” or Ben Hartman’s “Lean Guide to Growing Veg.”
  •  Shipping inclusive Australia and New Zealand

*Based on individual pieces being purchased

** HP-16 is the replacement model for HP-10, both models use the same system components

  • Japanese manufactured for commercial use, the lightweight transplanter is a quality machine.
  • Perfectly suited for rows of 15m to 100m or more can be used in both small and large scale farming.
  • Cuts a furrow in the soil, plants seedlings and closes the soil around them in a single pass.
  • Ergonomic system which can be operated by one person, simply pull and plant!
  • Perfectly spaced seedlings are planted out quickly and without disturbing the plant roots, therefore reducing transplant shock.
  • Integrates with standard direct sowing techniques as part of an overall market garden system.
  • Weed Management; Works perfectly with a stirrup/wheel hoe system, baby roots are protected for the top 30mm
  • Currently being used in certified organic systems in Australia. ACO and NASSAA.
  • Buy directly from Longley Organic Farm (ActiveVista), receive local support from people using the system and help support an Australian family business.

Further information on the paperpot transplanter system can be found on our Longley Organic Farm website. https://www.longleyorganicfarm.com.au/paperpot-transplanter/

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