Aus Hardwood Rake-Hoe Handle 1500mm x 28mm

$20.36 AUD excl gst

This rugged 28mm x 1500mm hardwood end-tapered tool handle is made for ActiveVista for use with many of our range of hoes, specialised hand tools and bed prep rake. Sustainably sourced from farmed timber



Recommended for use with ActiveVista’s following products;

  • Zipper by Neversink
  • 4 row pinpoint seeder
  • Bed preparation rake
  • Glaser hand drawn stirrup hoes
  • Glaser hand drawn collinear hoes
  • Glaser original wire weeder
  • Terrateck Spring weeder
  • and others

The cost of sending this handle is over $40. If purchasing a single item needing a handle it may be convenient to buy a handle locally

If you are purchasing multiple long items (over 1.2 metres) from the ActiveVista warehouse it will be economically viable to purchase the handles as we can send a long bundle for the same price

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