Aus Hardwood Rake-Hoe Handle 1500mm x 28mm

$20.36 AUD excl gst

This rugged 28mm x 1500mm hardwood end-tapered tool handle is made for ActiveVista for use with many of our range of hoes, specialised hand tools and bed prep rake. Sustainably sourced from farmed timber

Brand Catalogue:


Recommended for use with ActiveVista’s following products;

  • Zipper by Neversink
  • 4 row pinpoint seeder
  • Bed preparation rake
  • Glaser hand drawn stirrup hoes
  • Glaser hand drawn collinear hoes
  • Glaser original wire weeder
  • Terrateck Spring weeder
  • and others

The cost of sending this handle is over $40. If purchasing a single item needing a handle it may be convenient to buy a handle locally

If you are purchasing multiple long items (over 1.2 metres) from the ActiveVista warehouse it will be economically viable to purchase the handles as we can send a long bundle for the same price

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