ActiveVista has made this iconic market gardening tool readily available for Australian and New Zealand Market Gardeners.

The Tilther was inspired by Eliot Coleman and popularised by innovative profitable market gardeners J.M Fortier and Curtis Stone (Urban Farmer). It is now available in Australia without the hassle of importation.

ActiveVista’s Longley Organic Farm has been using a Tilther for a number of years in a one hundred plus permabed system.

The Tilther allows us incorporation of amendments and preparation of soil, including root residue from the previous crop before direct seeding using the Jang precision seeder, Johnny’s six row seeder or transplanting with ActiveVista’s Paperpot Transplanter system.

This is acheved by non intrusive cultivation of the top 50mm of soil, creating an ideal seedbed.

The Tilther works hard, and is no to low maintenance.We have not had a problem in some years of use and consider this implement as a must have part of our profitable, low dig market garden system.

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