Market Gardening Hoe Blade

$91.73$156.90 AUD excl gst

Terrateck Collinear hoe blade in 300mm and 500mm lengths – can be cut to size

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The Market gardening hoe blade to be fitted onto your wheel hoe. An efficient tool that makes it easier to weed between crops rows

Available in 300mm (closely planted crops) and 500mm widths (larger crops e.g. cabbage, celery, artichoke). Blades can be cut to length

It is important to choose the right tool to maximise your performance, in which case you must take into account the condition of the earth, the weeds and their stage of growth

Bear in mind that rotating tools and spike harrows will be sufficient for young shoots, whereas blade-type weeding tools will be required at a more advanced stage of growth and thicker vegetation

For easy weeding remove the paint from the blade using a grinder, the Market gardening hoe blade will slide through the earth much more smoothly!

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