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Fitting plate for the handle and springs of a hand tyne harrow for removing young weeds.

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Based on the same principle as our market gardening tine harrow, the tyne harrow fitting is used to fasten the heavy or fine tynes to a wood handle for the fast local weeding of small vegetable patches.

It's possible to fasten 7 springs, to which each tine is screwed separately. You can then remove the tynes according to your needs as you see fit. For example:

  • remove a tyne in the middle in order to work the row;
  • put 3 heavy springs on either side in order to work between the strips;
  • put a fine spring in the middle in order to carry out some light work on the strip.

The purpose of this tyne harrow is to minimise the growth of weeds until the latter can no longer compete with the crop. It works by tearing out and recovering the weed plantlets using the vibrations emitted by the tynes in the soil.

The tyne harrow works down to a depth of 3 cm and requires a flat surface without large clods of earth as well as dry conditions. It is still relatively efficient in stony soils but it would be better to avoid hardened topsoils and heavy earth.

Depending on the type of tyne, it can be fully used on relatively short crops or post-seeding and pre-seedling (so-called "blind" use) on weeds that are at the filament stage. This must be followed by several days of dry and sunny weather in order to "scorch" the plants that have been torn out. It is therefore preferable to plan its use in advance.

Fitting sold without the set of springs and without the handle.


Number of springs: 7
Height: 147 mm
Weight: 0.8 Kg

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