3-Tyne and 5-Tyne Cultivator

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The 3-tine and 5-tine cultivator are Canadian cultivators to be fitted to the single-wheel hoe

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Tyne cultivators are used for loosening the soil

The 3-tine cultivator is a small hoe with prongs suitable for simple market gardening. When attached to the hoe, it is used when the earth has formed a crust and for weeding during the later stages of growth. This tool is mainly used for weeding the space between strips. The 3-tine cultivator is also used to loosen the earth deep down before carrying out ridging work using a 200mm ridger

The 5-tine cultivator, once fastened to the hoe, is used on hardened topsoil to remove late-stage weeds. This tool is mainly used for weeding footpaths. This cultivator is also suitable for uprooting the remains of crops after harvesting. The 5-tine cultivator can also be used for breaking up the earth deep down and over a greater width than that of the 3-tine cultivator.

3 tine Data sheet  |  5 tine Data sheet

Width: 150 mm                                Width: 260 mm
Height: 240 mm                              Height 240 mm
Weight: 1.5 Kg                                  Weight 1.8 Kg
Warranty: 1 year                              Warranty 1 year

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