Steel Kits for 15m and 30m Caterpillar Tunnels

$107.80$1,153.00 AUD excl gst

Complete Steel Kits for 15m and 30m Caterpillar Tunnel. (photo shows 3 x 15m kits with wind bracing)


  • All precut Galvabond tube steel. Ex Geelong
  • All precut joiner sleeves. Ex Geelong
  • All required rebar. Ex Geelong
  • Option for REQUIRED Hoop Arc bender specific to these tunnels (Quick Hoop style bender) Ex Longley, Tas
  • PLEASE NOTE: All kits and options are individually priced for freight. CONTACT US HERE TO ORGANISE FREIGHT or  FOR YOUR CUSTOM QUOTE
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ActiveVista has negotiated a package deal with a major mainland steel supplier to put these kits together at the best possible price and ready them for Geelong warehouse to farm shipping.

Standard 15 and 30metre kits include;

  • Hoop Arc Sections (straight, see Quick Hoop bender); Galvabond steel for hoops- each hoop consists of; 3 x 2.4m, 35mm o.d 1.2mm wall Galvabond tube steel.
  • Galvabond steel sleeves- each 3 piece hoop has 2 x 240mm, 38mm 0.d 1.2mm wall Galvabond tube steel.
  • Footing made from 1000mm x 16mm (5/8) deformed rebar, 2 per hoop.

Extras include;

  • Galvabond central purlin- 2.5metre x 35mm o.d tube steel NOTE; Cross Connectors sold seperately.
  • Galvabond steel sleeves; 240mm, 38mm 0.d 1.2mm wall Galvabond tube steel.

The benefits of the kits include;

  • Hassle free provision of correct 1.2mm walled galvanised, 35mm tube steel, 1.2mm x 240mm sleeve inserts  and 1000mm x 16mm rebar for footings.
  • Factory to farm delivery.
  • Highest quality steel and cuts.
  • More time to deal with farming.

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