Romeo | F1 Indeterminate Roma Tomato Seed

$9.55$393.67 AUD excl gst

This high quality indeterminate roma type has looked outstanding in a wide range of plantings with consistent performance in all areas

Produces large firm fruit with attractive tapered pear shape, uniform green shoulder and very good fruit uniformity. Romeo has a tidy blossom end with improved tolerance to nippling. The calyx removes easily to leave a neat stem scar. The high yielding plants should be pruned to two laterals for best results. Naturally vigorous this variety is best grown under lower nutrition levels – See cultural notes*

Key features

  • Vigorous indeterminate field roma with tapered pear shape
  • Extra large fruit size with tidy blossom end
  • High yields and consistent performance over many years
  • Resistances: Intermediate: Vd, Fol:1,2(US), N, ToM
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